Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Don't Tell My Ortho

But my bands sometimes tend to be taken out when

  • I have a party to attend and I don't want them taking away from the coolness that is brace girl.
  • When I'm brushing my teeth, while under the influence, and the only thing on my mind is chugging a glass of water and falling face first into the bed.

  • Yes, I am the epitome of responsibility.

    I promise, next post you will be able to judge (brutally) the progress.

    Saturday, May 23, 2009

    Sweet Summertime

    So, besides the occasional hangovers, summer has been treating me rather nicely.

    I went to a party recently and I found not 1, but 2 tricks with braces. I acted a fool. I now have these two people's phone numbers and plan on drunk dialing them as much as possible to talk about brace adventures. I wish more dramatic things have happened... perhaps the direction of this blog will change. I will attempt to write as much as I can about being grilled up, but you can only talk about brackets and bands so much before it's a total snoozefest.

    Monday, May 4, 2009


    Yeah, unfortunately not me but two of the bloggers that I've followed since my braced experience now have naked teeth.

    Wired Lady and Ceramic Braces no longer feel my pain. I mean sure, they know my pain, but they've left me to wallow in it alone haha. You can't help but to feel left behind, and what are the odds that the two people I follow religiously both are debraced in the same month!?! I mean, come on. So, with that said, if anyone has a blog/knows of a blog that I can now creep on that would be lovely. I need some sympathetic reassurance and also some humor ;)

    Thursday, April 23, 2009

    The Half Smile

    It doesn't happen as often because I've had the grill for awhile now, but when you meet new people do you become rather self-conscious? I know as not only a girl, but a college girl who wants to come off as somewhat attractive, I sometimes act a little stand-offish because of the train tracks. For instance:

    The scene: Laundry room at my apartment complex

    A guy kindly opens the door for me and begins chatting me up.

    Guy: Hey. Do you go to [insert name of college]?
    Me: Yes, I do.
    Guy: Ah. How is it over there? You having fun?
    Me: It's going good. As fun as class can be [insert obnoxious girl giggle]
    Guy: [basic courtesy guy laugh] Well great. What's your major?
    Me: Psychology. I'll be in school forever.
    Guy: Yeah, you will. Unless you just want your BA or something.
    Me: Not really
    Guy: Yeah, you'll be in school forever.

    By this time I've already put all my clothes in the washer and I really take a look at the guy, and he does the same. Not too shabby. And then the moment... the courtesy smile, so you don't look like a creeper for looking someone up and down and basically checking out what their momma gave them, and just when I was about to do it I realized 'Ho, your teeth are bedazzled!' So, I did the half smile and ran out uttering "Nice meeting you!" Leaving behind a very confused guy.

    I'm such a girl sometimes. He could have simply never noticed that they were there, but it's so much simpler to deny people before they deny you. Warped, sure. But simpler, absofreakinglutley.

    Saturday, April 11, 2009

    Oh, Youtube

    Here's a cute little video concerning braces I stumbled upon. Enjoy!

    Friday, April 10, 2009


    I'm going to seriously try to keep up with this bad boy because I'm hoping someone will find these entries helpful/interesting, and maybe take away the pain and woe that you feel towards braces ;).

    My orthodontic travesty has really come along. I'll stop being lazy for 30 secs and post a pic of the pretty kickass progress (if I do say so myself) soon.

    So, I'll try to catch up with my life...

    Everyone around me has grown accustomed to my mouth disorder, and only when I'm introduced to new victims does the subject ever come up. I've almost forgotten that they were there (besides the random times a wire is poking my cheek rather persistently). I've been wired for 9 months so it's kind of like carrying a child. A rather hideous, but lovable child ;).

    I've had a few male encounters so, thankfully, they are not completely repulsive to the opposite sex.

    My biggest pet peeve is the dinner issue. My friends like to gather everyone and go out to eat at least once a month, and yours truly has to be careful when she's talking or laughing because I don't want to cause someone to upchuck their meal because I have a whole head of lettuce wedged between my brackets. It's a rather nasty complex I have and I spend the majority of the meal with my hand covering my mouth or my lips making a weird cover over my pearly whites.

    I'd love to hear stories of other people's dinner fiascoes if anyone has them... or if anyone is actually reading this... sigh. It's what I get for not keeping up. Sorry guys.

    Wednesday, September 3, 2008

    I found one!

    The man giving me my temporary checks at the bank today had an unusual smile and then I saw them, the ceramic braces, and almost scared the shit out of him.

    Me: "Can I have temporary checks please?"
    Mister: "Yes, ma'am" Smiles
    Me: Scrutinizing. Gasps. "You have them too!!!"
    Mister: "Umm... wha? excuse me"
    Me: "See!!?!" Gives biggest, goofiest smile ever to really showcase the grill.

    I was so excited I called two friends and my roommate. I love fellow brace wearers. They didn't understand the magnitude of the moment.

    On another random, weird note for today. A stranger stopped traffic, rolled down his window, and asked me if I was a gymnast while I was on campus today. Odd.